How to build your Engagement Ring Online

Hello & Welcome, 
By clicking on this blog, there is one of two reasons you have joined us...
You are either deeply, madly in love and ready to take the next step with your partner OR you are waiting for your partner to propose and want to drop a few clews to him/her.
Whatever the reason may be, we are so excited you have taken the time to read our blog. 
We have both been on the receiving end of a proposal and know the excitement and effort that goes into this special milestone moment, so we wanted to personally walk you through each step of the PURCHASING AN ENGAGEMENT RING PROCESS. 

To begin with, we highly recommend doing your research both personally and at large. 

Beginners Homework:

  • Become familiar with your partners preferred Cultured Diamond Shape and favoured Ring Setting Design.

  • Get to know the Diamond's 4 C's + the Samuel & Stone 5th C (Read our Diamond Guide for more information)

Once you feel confident enough in your knowledge, the next few steps will walk you through the SAMUEL & STONE Build an Engagement Ring Process.

      • Find the Engagement and Wedding tab in the top page menu.

      • Hover over the Engagement and Wedding tab and you will see the Build your own Engagement Ring Tab.

      • Begin by selecting to Start with a Setting or Start with a Cultured Diamond. (We recommend to start with a Setting - as this will narrow down your options in a more fast, accurate manner).

    2. Settings Page | You will now find a list of Engagement Ring Styles (we recommend using the left hand filter to narrow down the settings by selecting your preferred Diamond Shape). The page will automatically show you settings that are available for the Diamond Shape you have chosen. 

      • Click your favourite setting style. This will take you to the chosen setting page.

      • On the right hand side it will give you two Variable Filters: Material & Diamond Shape. Ensure the selected variables shown are correct, then click CONFIRM SETTING (it will take you to our Diamond Directory).

    3. Diamonds Directory Page | On this page you will notice that the filter has  automatically filtered down the diamonds available (to show you diamonds in your chosen diamond shape only). 

      • Using the additional filters at the top of the page, amend the gradient bars to narrow down your Diamond Search further (e.g Carat weight, Clarity etc).

      • Carefully scroll through the list of diamonds available - explore options by clicking and viewing the diamond on the right hand bar.

      • Once you are happy with a diamond selection, click ADD TO SETTING.

    4. Select Finger Size | This next page will show you a video of your chosen diamond in your chosen setting and prompt you to select your finger size (if you are unsure of your ring size please click here).

      • After selecting your size, click ADD TO CART.

    5. Cart | Congratulations, you have made it. Your SAMUEL & STONE cart should now list your chosen Cultured Diamond & Engagement Ring Setting. 

    You are now only one more step away from purchasing your custom, hand-finished Cultured Diamond Engagement Ring. 
    With Love, 
    Karli & Angelica

    For any additional queries, you can get in touch with the SAMUEL & STONE Team via